Kahn Law Group Illinois
Kahn Law Group understands your legal needs.
Kahn Law Group is a comprehensive law firm that has a broad-based practice encompassing litigation, transaction, and consulting work. We have an innovative client-driven approach to all of our matters.

At Kahn Law Group, our focus is your goal – and your goal is success.The attorneys at Kahn Law Group zero in on the success of your legal issues, not accumulating billable hours for the firm. Unlike other law firms, we do not have rigid, billable hour requirements for our attorneys and you will never see frivolous time entries on your invoices.

We work within  your boundaries, not ours.


Not all business is the same. At Kahn Law Group, we take the time to understand your needs and work with your team to provide the best representation for your needs. There is more than one way to handle your legal issues and we understand that how we represent you in one area can affect other areas of your business. With Kahn Law Group, your matters will be handled consistently with your larger goals in mind.

We take the time to understand  your needs.

Kahn Law Group serves the needs of every client, every time. While other firms practice either labor employment law or workers' compensation, Kahn Law Group specializes in both – a niche within the legal community that allows the firm to offer a unique brand of service. Put simply: we don't believe in limits. If your business demands representation, we will meet your needs. And in all negotiations, appeals, and disputes, regardless of practice area, we have the same goal: favorable results, every time.

Your business deserves success.

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